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PCOS and herbal medicine

One of the most common conditions we see at our clinic is polycysytic-ovarian-syndrome (PCOS). It can affect women in so many different ways which can make it hard to treat medically. Some women use the contraceptive pill to manage their skin complaints, but of course this doesn’t help with fe...

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‘D’ is for Vitamin D

Lots of people come to our fertility clinic asking us about vitamin D. Here is a little known piece of information for you. vitamin D is not really a vitamin at all. It is actually a hormone! To be classified as a vitamin, a nutrient has to have an essential compound that the body cannot manufacture...

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Keeping fit and healthy in pregnancy!

Taking that little bit more care to look after your body and mind is essential in pregnancy. As well as continuing with all your normal day to day activities such as your job, or looking after existing children and general household chores – you are also growing an entire human being and it&rs...

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E is for Endocrine Disruptors

Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals and Xenoestrogens are compounds that have an oestrogen like effect on humans and high exposure can dramatically affect hormone balance and subsequent fertility. They can interfere with ability to conceive due to their influence on a woman’s menstrual cycle and eg...

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