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Second Trimester

WELL DONE! One down, two to go, you made it to what is for most women the most comfortable and enjoyable part of the pregnancy.  Pretty soon you should be starting to feel what is traditionally known as a ‘quickening’ – those first tiny little movements of baby.  Nothing quite compares to it!  Also about now you may start to feel more like your old self again.  You might actually be starting to feel like eating, the smell of your grandmother’s perfume doesn’t have you running to the toilet and you may be able to muster the energy to walk upstairs without feeling like you need a nap!  Of course if you joined us in the first trimester, lots of these symptoms will have eased off long ago hopefully!

You may be starting to show a little pod of a belly and by the end of this trimester you should be looking less like you have been eating all the pies and more like a beautiful pregnant belly. Other positive changes are that your breasts will be looking supersized (yes!), your skin glowing and hair looks thicker and fuller.  Bless those hormones! However some women unfortunately there are some symptoms still trying to crash the party.

What you may be experiencing

The joys could include; constipation, heartburn, indigestion, flatulence, occasional headaches, varicose veins or haemorrhoids, sensitive or bleeding gums when you brush your teeth, occasional faintness or dizziness, fatigue, increase in vaginal discharge (cervical mucus), nasal congestion and occasional nosebleeds, increased ear wax.

Emotionally you may be experiencing mood swings, a feeling of apprehension, absentmindedness, or feeling scattered or forgetful.  The onset of ‘baby brain’ is upon you!

Recommended treatments:

Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates, Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology, Homeopathy, Nutrition and Lifestyle Advice.
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