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Our Therapies:

All our therapies can be used safely throughout pregnancy - all of our therapists have at least 5 years of working with pregnant clients!

Acupuncture / Electroacupuncture: Our acupuncturist Kate practices traditional Chinese medical acupuncture (TCM) and combines this theory  with the latest research from the medical acupuncture field. The needles are 'tapped' into the skin and sometimes a dull tingling is felt. We use acupuncture in our programme primarily to help with stress, pelvic circulation, and side effects of fertility medications. In pregnancy acupuncture is often used in weeks 38-41 to help prepare for childbirth.

Nutrition advice: We use a combination of western and Chinese medicine dietary approaches. What works well for one person doesn't always work well for another. Understanding your diagnosis in Chinese medicine is essential in helping you choose the right fertility diet.

Lifestyle advice: Through talking to you and your partner we can get an idea of what day to day activities are helping / hindering your fertility - and we can talk to you about alternatives.

Ultrasound: A diagnostic tool which can be used to determine a viability of a pregnancy, to assess the reproductive organs both for general health and for IVF preparation.

Mineral and toxicity analysis: We use Hair Analysis to see how your body is managing levels of various healthy minerals such as calcium or magnesium. It can also tell us if you have unusally high levels of toxic substances.

Stress management and self nurture: Most of our therapies help with stress levels! We help you to recognise stress and develop a plan to manage it both individually and within your relationship. 

Cranio-sacral therapy: Hands on and very gentle, particularly popular with infants and children. CST is also used to address issues with pelvic pain.

Chiropractic: Wonderful throughout pregnancy for all manner of unusual aches and pains our practitioner Georgina uses Mctimoney Chiropractic (no bone crunching!) combined with deep tissue massage. Our first choice for many pregnancy and post natal specific complaints such as pelvic girdle pain, rib flare and stress incontinence.

Medical herbalism: We use herbs mainly within our fertility programme, specifically for women over 40, women with PCOS or endometriosis and for nearly all male fertility issues. Andrew and Sarah use western herbal tinctures (so there's nothing for you to boil up!).

Homeopathy: A popular choice in pregnancy and for children

Yoga: We encourage our clients to practise Yoga for physical and mental benefits, including improved circulation, reduced stress levels and less holding of tension throughout the body. We run classes that focus on pelvic circulation and hip flexibility for women and classes for pregnant women.

Pilates: Our physio Hanna teaches Pilates in pregnancy and post partum. Pilates is fantastic at keeping the body strong in pregnancy as the load on your joints and muscles increases. It is a wonderful preventative for more serious discomfort and helps with a speedy recovery after childbirth.

Reflexology: Deeply relaxing and suitable throughout IVF and pregnancy, reflexologists use a system of pressure points on the feet and ankles that correspond to areas of the body.

Hypnobirthing: Hypnobirthing is used world wide in preparing couples for childbirth. It is a short course women to attend with their birth partner to learn techniques together that will aid natural childbirth. Couples report feeling closer and less anxious about labour after attending. All techniques learnt can be used even when medical intervention is needed.

Hypnotherapy: Hypnotherapy allows you to access your unconscious mind so that you can make lasting changes to your habits, beliefs and thought patterns that may be impacting your health and wellbeing. 

Fertility Awareness: Using a combination of BBT charting with other physical signs throughout your cycle, Fertility Awareness is about understanding your body - which may not correspond to the 'textbook' notion of a 28 day cycle with ovulation on day 14. Using the data gathered over 2-4 months we can start to see patterns and pick up problems often missed by routine fertility tests.

Abdominal Tui-Na: Tui-Na is a form of Chinese bodywork, with some similarites to massage. We use abdominal Tui-Na for our female fertility patients to help with pelvic pain.

Pregnancy massage: An full body massage, adapted for pregnant women by working with extra pillows. You might start off lying flat but as your bump grows you are massaged lying on your side. As your pregnancy progresses so does your massage - focussing on the latest areas that are aching and uncomfortable for you. You can let Sarah know at the start of your session if you prefer a firm or gentle touch to get the most out of your session.

Physiotherapy: A branch of physiotherapy is devoted to women's health, helping with issues such as pain during sex, prolapse and general pelvic pain. 

Birth education and preparation:  Using Optimal Fetal Positioning techniques and Spinning Babies to get you ready for the big day.

Labour Induction: We use acupuncture, reflexology, craniosacral and chiropractic to help labour get started.
“We were considering IVF when we came across NNFP. Charlotte and Kate were really professional and thorough and clearly have a great understanding of both eastern and western medicine. Their program is fairly intensive and requires a lot of commitment...”