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Taking that little bit more care to look after your body and mind is essential in pregnancy. As well as continuing with all your normal day to day activities such as your job, or looking after existing children and general household chores – you are also growing an entire human being and it’s exhausting!

Many women simply don’t have the energy both physically and mentally to continue exercising and spend the first trimester struggling with each day as it comes. Hopefully by about 15-16 weeks, you well might be ready to start thinking about exercise again – your body will already have changed to the point that certain movements just ‘don’t feel right’ any more and it is important that you start gently and re-discover this new and changing body.

At The Norwich Natural Fertility Partnership we really see the positive effect gentle exercise has on our clients, especially with regards to their ease and comfort in the later stages – so we run Yoga and Pilates classes especially for these precious months. Those inactive weeks spent in the first trimester hunched over the toilet or in a little immobile ball on the floor makes your muscles stiff and achy and feeling like you haven’t exercised in years! One of the best things we recommend at this stage is a pregnancy massage just to get the circulation going again and loosen off any mild shoulder, neck and back tension. A couple of days after a good massage and you will start to think that you could attend that yoga class you’ve been putting off all month! Our classes are small and friendly – and a great way to meet other expectant mums.

Pregnancy Yoga: Run by Maggie who has been teaching Yoga and HypnoBirthing for over 10 years. Classes work with the breath and gentle postures to encourage the letting go of any tension both physically and mentally. Students must be at least 16 weeks pregnant to join. Women have long found that regular Yoga helps with that pesky Round Ligament Pain, sleeping disturbances and lower back pain in particular.

Ring Maggie on 07948 381660 for more information

Pregnancy Pilates: Run by Hanna who as well as teaching Yoga and Pilates is also a chartered physiotherapist. Pregnancy pulls and stretches your body in a way you never thought possible and also brings out long forgotten injuries. You can attend this class at any stage of your pregnancy. Pilates is absolutely super for strengthening the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles which in turn support your joints leading to less pelvic, pubic and  lower back pain. Women have long found that Pilates has helped them with bladder function, SPD pain and a speedy recovery post childbirth in particular.

Next free taster for Pregnancy Pilates is Tuesday 9th December 2014 7.30-8.30pm     Ring Hanna on 07913467664 for more information

Pregnancy Massage: Bernadette our massage therapist has a long history of working with pregnant women – don’t worry she will be able to find a position that you can relax in! Regular massage is a great way of maintaining good circulation and relieving muscular tension. Women have long found Pregnancy Massage to help them with upper back and neck tension, headaches and low energy in particular.

Ring Bernadette on 07501 721605 for more information