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Open Morning January 25th

Our open mornings are a chance for couples to visit us for a free informal chat – no matter where you are on your fertility journey. Many of our clients come to us as a last chance, with a history of failed IVF rounds for example. Some of our clients visit us because they already have a chi...

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B is for Blood Sugar Levels

Helping your body manage blood sugar levels is not just vital for diabetics – it is also an important part of regulating your energy and hormonal levels when trying to conceive. The sugar in blood is glucose and your body uses it to fuel everything from physical to mental functioning. Gluco...

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Fertility Open Day success at our Norwich clinic

So lovely to meet all those who dropped in to our Fertility Open Afternoon today. It was really wonderful to connect to new people and answer your questions. Due to todays success, we have decided to make the open afternoon a regular event. We will be hosting ‘open sessions’ once a mo...

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Our A-Z of fertility friends and foes starts here! A is for…………Alcohol

‘A little bit of what you fancy does you good.’ Unfortunately not always the case for those of you who are thinking about/trying to conceive.  Alcohol can, in some cases, negatively affect your fertility. There is so much conflicting advice out there with regards to alcohol an...

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