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Can Hypnotherapy Increase my Chances of IVF Success?

Whilst IVF has provided a route to parenthood for many men and women who might otherwise have been unable to conceive, for many couples the process can be stressful and somewhat alienating.  Conception can quickly become a litany of tests, appointments and medication and it’s easy to ...

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Deactivating Anxiety

'After just one session, I feel calmer, more positive and on a more even keel. I have a new toolbox to help me cope with my feelings and anxieties, and am looking forward to treading my new path. (Kerry is a) wonderful, wise, kind woman who is brilliant at what she does.' Briony ...

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5 Ways Hypnotherapy Can Help You to Manage Endometriosis

    Our hypnotherapist, Kerry, explains how a mind/body approach to Endometriosis can ease the symptoms and help you to manage the emotional fall out.       'It's like I don't even have my period!' client with endometriosis after hy...

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Can Hypnotherapy really change the way you birth?

Our hypnotherapist, Kerry, explains how hypnobirthing can help you to achieve a calm and gentle birth.     Hypnosis is simply a state of suggestibility and that doesn’t only occur in the hypnotherapist’s chair, lulled by the slow, soothing pace of their vo...

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