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Making an appointment

Telephone: For couples not yet registered with us please call the clinic reception on 01603 665173 and ask for an NNFP call back for a brief chat with a team member regarding your situation before making an initial appointment.

For couples who have already attended their initial consultation please ring clinic reception directly on 01603 665173 for all appointment and class bookings.

Please send us a message with your contact details and times suitable for us to ring you back.

You will need to know which times both you and your partner can attend the first appointment together. Your initial consultation is likely to be on a Tuesday / Wednesday afternoon or a Saturday morning.

It is important both of you attend the initial appointment together.  After this first appointment and with confirmation of your payment, you will receive your personalised schedule for further individual appointments. It is your responsibility to ring reception and book at times convenient to yourselves

Women – please bring your most up to date copy of blood tests concerning your reproductive hormones, any data relating to previous IVF/ICSI and information concerning your gynaecological health. To get a copy, simply phone the place that ordered the tests. Your GP surgery will print out your results when requested, as will NHS and private IVF clinics.

Men – please bring a copy of a semen analysis done within the last 6 months. You will need to ring and request a copy from either your GP surgery or IVF provider, depending on who organised your test. If you do not have an up to date semen analysis, please arrange with your GP to have a test as soon as possible. If you are not eligible for a test on the NHS, a private test will cost you £100 - please speak to us if you need this arranging.

You are required to confirm whether you will join our programme 48 hours after your initial consultation and we would expect full payment at around this time. However if either party feels that joining the fertility programme is not the best option, you only need pay £70 on the day to cover consulting costs of initial appointment.

For Pregnancy and Postnatal support

Whatever your current stage of pregnancy is, we offer a complete range of complementary therapies. If you would like or need advice for pregnancy related problems or would like to buy a gift voucher as a gift for a pregnant friend, please call clinic reception and request a ‘NNFP P&P’ call back from Charlotte.  You can then discuss together all best options and what to do next.
“After trying for a baby for over 3 years we were about to start down the route of IVF when a friend of ours suggested we tried something else first. She had been to see Charlotte about other issues and knew she specialised in fertility and suggested ...”