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Enquries / Appointments

Telephone: Please ring 07535 957529 for a brief chat about your situation and to get advice on how to get started with us.

Please send us a message with your contact details and times suitable for us to ring you back.

Appointments: Please visit our fees page to see how to book with individual therapists

Women – please bring your most up to date copy of blood tests concerning your reproductive hormones, any data relating to previous IVF/ICSI and information concerning your gynaecological health. To get a copy, simply phone the place that ordered the tests. Your GP surgery will print out your results when requested, as will NHS and private IVF clinics.

Men – please bring a copy of a semen analysis done within the last 6 months. You will need to ring and request a copy from either your GP surgery or IVF provider, depending on who organised your test. If you do not have an up to date semen analysis, please arrange with your GP to have a test as soon as possible. If you are not eligible for a test on the NHS, a private test will cost you £100 - please speak to us if you need this arranging.

“We had 3 failed rounds of IVF behind us and felt that it was time to stop trying as we are ‘older’. P’s cousin came to us and confided that she had been to see Charlotte for help with conceiving her daughter. We had no idea! We were...”