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B is for Blood Sugar Levels

Helping your body manage blood sugar levels is not just vital for diabetics – it is also an important part of regulating your energy and hormonal levels when trying to conceive. The sugar in blood is glucose and your body uses it to fuel everything from physical to mental functioning. Gluco...

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A is for…. ‘Agnus Castus’

Agnus Castus berries – from the Mediterranean – are commonly used to treat a range of menstrual problems and to promote a more regular menstrual cycle. The herb has a direct hormonal activity on the pituitary gland at the base of the brain, which leads to better regulation of oestrogen a...

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My favourite herbs for anxiety

Our herbalist Sarah Smith shares a beautiful personal account of anxiety and shares her favourite herbs to use in her anxiety blends. Whilst we expect to see anxiety in our fertility patients, Sarah is  also increasingly being asked to focus on anxious minds by her menopausal clients, alongs...

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