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First Trimester

So you have just embarked on the rollercoaster ride that is pregnancy – welcome aboard! It can be pretty wild at times but we are here to hold your hand.  Whilst you don’t particularly look pregnant yet (although if you are a return passenger, you may be starting to show a little by 8/9 weeks), you almost certainly are beginning to feel it! For those who are particularly anxious or who have had IVF abroad, an early ultrasound can confirm a pregnancy's viability.

What you may be feeling:

You may be experiencing a few or many of the following symptoms; spotting, breast changes, flatulence, frequent urination, nausea, sensitivity to smells, light-headedness or a metallic taste in mouth. Lovely!

On an emotional level, you may be suffering with mood swings, irritability, anxiety, exhaustion, abdominal pressure, indigestion, fear, joy, elation, lowness, (10-15% of pregnant women are affected by depression) and panic attacks.

Some of these symptoms are just physiologically normal little can be done to change them.  Smelling the dustbin or your partner’s smelly socks from 100 meters away is unfortunately something you may have to live with (sorry)! Whilst some of you who have had a difficult time conceiving may relish and be assured by these symptoms, the good news is that you don’t need to suffer with a lot of them if you don’t want to. We have a selection of treatments available that can help support you through to the ‘blossoming’ phase of the second trimester.

Commonly chosen in first trimester;

Reflexology, Acupuncture, Pregnancy Massage and Homeopathy, Ultrasound - confirmation of pregnancy.
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