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Keeping fit and healthy in pregnancy!

Taking that little bit more care to look after your body and mind is essential in pregnancy. As well as continuing with all your normal day to day activities such as your job, or looking after existing children and general household chores – you are also growing an entire human being and it&rs...

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‘C’ is for Calmness

From early on in your pregnancy you may suffer with constipation. This is perfectly normal and due to the hormonal changes your body is going through or perhaps due to the progesterone supplementation involved after IVF. The hormone progesterone slows down the muscle contractions of the intestinal w...

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Pregnancy Pilates

Our physio Hanna explains why Pilates is so popular in pregnancy. During pregnancy, the growing baby and hormones can make ligaments softer and more flexible, and also decrease your core muscles. Weak core muscles can lead to several issues, and it has been found that Pilates is an ideal way...

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Pregnancy Massage

Why is Pregnancy Massage different to normal massage? Well you are different! Your ligaments are looser and your skin is more sensitive. You might be suffering with morning sickness or pressure in your ribs for example than means you struggle to relax in any position for longer than 5 minutes! Pr...

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