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Coping with fertility anxiety amid a pandemic

Our hypnotherapist Kerry shares her top tips on managing fertility anxiety.   For any couple facing fertility issues, fear and uncertainty are unwelcome companions on the journey. Now, as the ramifications of lock down unfold: fertility treatments are being cancelled, many avenues of holistic...

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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy was updated 20th January 2020 and shortened to become more accessible and easily understood. No changes to how we use and store your data was made.

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I gave birth to my baby - now what?

We stood waiting.  Waiting for my sister to come pick us up.  My partner, myself and this little bundle of blankets and baby tucked into a car seat ready to go home.  Home, just us.  Just us and our baby.  Oh my. I had given so much attention to each week of pregnancy, ho...

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Wisdom from the trees on managing your menstrual cycle

Our hypnotherapist, Kerry, explains how hypnotherapy can help you to connect with your body’s cyclical rhythms to ease problematic periods and enhance fertility.     The trees are about to demonstrate how beautiful letting go can be. With a final flourish of their technicolour glo...

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