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Pregnancy Pilates

Our physio Hanna explains why Pilates is so popular in pregnancy. During pregnancy, the growing baby and hormones can make ligaments softer and more flexible, and also decrease your core muscles. Weak core muscles can lead to several issues, and it has been found that Pilates is an ideal way...

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New Class Times

Our physiotherapist Hanna is taking over our yoga classes with some changes to the schedule. Yoga for women's health is on Tuesdays 6.30-7.30pm. Classes focus on breathing and strong hip and pelvic openers, as well as all the general yoga poses. The class is suitable for all ages and those wi...

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H is for Hypnobirthing

Through learning simple self-hypnosis and deep relaxation techniques, Hypnobirthing is useful in helping you to stay calm and in control during birth. Labour can be a difficult experience and being underprepared often leads to fears and anxieties or even regrets that your child’s birth did ...

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Are you a Cuban Classic or a Clapped-Out Banger?

1950s American classic cars are thriving on Cuban streets. Long after their disappearance elsewhere, necessity has fostered a nation of innovative and dedicated mechanics. These beauties in chrome are cherished and lovingly maintained and, while the rest of us have moved on to newer, flimsier models...

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