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Breech babies and free moxibustion

If you have a breech baby then you may be looking at techniques to encourage baby to turn to a head down position. Many babies turn themselves at around 31-34 weeks when there is still plenty of room to do so. As the pregnancy progresses however and baby grows, space becomes more restrictive and tur...

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Fertility Open Day success at our Norwich clinic

So lovely to meet all those who dropped in to our Fertility Open Afternoon today. It was really wonderful to connect to new people and answer your questions. Due to todays success, we have decided to make the open afternoon a regular event. We will be hosting ‘open sessions’ once a mo...

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H is for Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG)

Pregnancy is generally thought to be a wonderful experience for a woman; however unfortunately it is not always the case. Complications such as Hyperemsis Gravidarum can temper the pregnancy buzz and can leave the mother feeling extremely unwell. Often misunderstood or confused with morning sickn...

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