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Natural Fertility

The fertility programme runs in pre-paid blocks. It is designed to boost both partners fertility, thereby hugely increasing the odds each month of conceiving within your fertile time. Following your initial consultation a treatment plan can be formed covering the first block.  At the end of each block we review your case and discuss with you how best to proceed. Our high success rates reflect the dedication our previous clients have had. By implementing dietary and lifestyle changes on top of receiving individual therapies you wholeheartedly take charge of your fertility.

Each 'block consists of 3 menstrual cycles. Therefore if the woman has a 30 day cycle her first block is likely to run for 90 days. If we are working with a couple where the woman has an irregular cycle we work out an average or expected length of future cycles. Three full menstrual cycles is the realistic time frame in which you can expect to notice changes when using natural and complementary medicine with female fertility -  it is also the length of time needed to measure some changes in the semen analysis test.

We have no ‘set programme’ as we have found that different conditions respond better  to different therapies – the plan we create for you is entirely dependent on meeting you and your partner at the initial consultation.

For women:

Your appointments will often correlate to the stage of your menstrual cycle – so with the onset of your period, you are asked to book ahead for the following 2-3 weeks. Every effort will be made to offer you appointments suitable to your timetable, but if you are only available at selected times such as evenings, we recommend you book your sessions in as soon as your period starts. You must expect to visit the clinic regularly even if it is your male partner who is the prime cause of your fertility problems.  The natural fertility programme does not see women who are currently prescribed hormonal medications such as Clomid or the contraceptive pill.  If you have been taking drugs that influence your reproductive hormones you must wait at least one full menstrual cycle before starting with us.

For men:

You usually visit the clinic less frequently than your partners – often once or twice a month at most. If your semen analysis gets the NNFP thumbs up, you may not need to visit the clinic at all. You will however, still be expected to make dietary and lifestyle changes that support you and your partners desire to conceive.

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