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'After just one session, I feel calmer, more positive and on a more even keel. I have a new toolbox to help me cope with my feelings and anxieties, and am looking forward to treading my new path. (Kerry is a) wonderful, wise, kind woman who is brilliant at what she does.' Briony
Our hypnotherpist Kerry writes how she approaches anxiety in the treatment room.
'Anxiety is the body’s natural security system. It alerts us to potential dangers, triggering the fight or flight response which, in turn, rallies your body’s resources to fuel a rapid retreat or an attack. The racing heart, dilated pupils and oxygen pumping to your skeletal muscles are all designed to propel you to safety but it is rare that we meet a situation that requires such drastic measures, in this day and age.
Imagine that the burglar alarm is going off in your home. The alarm is deliberately unpleasant so that you won’t ignore it and you’re forced to investigate. Having checked that there is no intruder, you simply turn the alarm off and everything returns to normal.
Often, the feeling of anxiety itself can be enough to make you more anxious or, perhaps you don’t know how to turn it off. Over time, unregulated anxiety can become something of an over-zealous security guard, over reacting to every trigger. 
Hypnotherapy can help you to re-program your security system, teaching you to change the thought patterns behind anxiety; identifying and deactivating your triggers; providing a toolbox of simple techniques to silence the alarm; desensitizing your fight or flight response and learning to activate your relaxation response.'
If you are curious to see how hypnotherapy can help you manage your anxiety please call Kerry on 07748 660703.