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J is for Jin Ye

J - JIN YE    Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views the body as a self-contained, interconnected system in dynamic balance. In order to remain in good health, it is necessary that various factors maintain a harmonious state of balance within the body.    Amo...

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I is for Insulin Resistance

I - INSULIN RESISTANCE   You may well have come across the term insulin resistance already, especially if you have certain medical conditions, but what does it mean, why is insulin important and how exactly does it affect your fertility?    Insulin, a hormone produc...

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I is for Induction

Induction – the natural way…   When your due date looms near, the daily wait for labour to begin can be all consuming and arduous, especially if D-Day comes and goes without even the smallest of contractions! The old adage of ‘babies come in their own time’ i...

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