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Our acupuncturist Emily writes about her five favourite points for instant anxiety relief:
“I treat a lot of anxiety in my clinic, in fact I’d say that it’s one of the most frequent problems people come in for. In relation to fertility anxiety is often very prevalent as trying to conceive, going through IVF, pregnancy, labour and the postnatal time can all bring big stresses and challenges.
As well as diagnosing the underlying cause of anxiety and treating constitutionally there are several general points that I use again and again as they work so well. 
These points can be used for self care at home for instant relief. Just press them firmly for about 2 minutes until you get a dull ache.
1. Pericardium 6. “Inner Gate”
To find this one start from the wrist and measure down three finger widths, the point is then right in the centre of your arm. As well as being great for anxiety Inner Gate also works well for nausea and will help relieve the tightness in the chest that very often comes with anxiety.
2. Heart 7 “Spirit Gate”
Apply pressure with your thumb at the point where your wrist forms a crease with you hand on the little finger side.
This is an Earth point. The very nature if Earth is to be stable and nourishing so this point engenders these qualities and is very helpful with regaining a sense of 
control when feeling anxious.
3. Du 24 ‘Spirit Hall’
This point is found just behind the hairline, right in the centre of the forehead directly above the nose.
It’s a very powerful point for calming the mind particularly when there is a lot of turmoil, obsessive thinking or agitation. 
4. Kidney 1 “Bubbling Spring” 
In a sitting position, cross one leg over another and rest your foot on your knee. (Or even better lie down and get someone else to massage this one!). Start with your thumb between your second and third toes and draw a straight line until you are about a third of the way down the foot. The point is here in the centre of the foot.
This point is brilliant for inducing calm when there is a feeling of mania or hysteria. If thoughts are going round and round Bubbling Spring draws energy down from the head to stop over thinking. It has a really lovely grounding quality.
5. Yin Tang
This point of found between the eyebrows. Rub gently while taking long slow, deep breaths.
Yin Tang usually gets instant results. As well as being deeply calming for anxiety it is also great for headaches and insomnia.
Kate says this about her acupuncture treatment for anxiety: “I’d never had acupuncture before seeing Emily and was pretty nervous. She made me feel very comfortable and has a lovely way of touching you so your skin is relaxed for the needles. I had enormous anxiety and the acupuncture sessions have definitely helped. I haven’t had a nightmare since my first session.”
If you would like to know more about how acupuncture can help you manage your anxiety contact Emily Brightwood on 07903159010 or via email at Appointments are available at The Soma Wellbeing Centre and The Complementary Health Care Clinic both located in Norwich city centre. Alternatively if you would like help but are not sure about trying acupuncture please email the team at to see what other options are available.