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Third Trimester

You made it – welcome to your final trimester!  You are on the home straight now and only 3 months to go until you have that kicking, wriggling, hiccupping little one in your arms.  You should be finding the anticipation and excitement mounting and you are talking to anyone who will listen about colours for the nursery and which brand of pram is the best! You are possibly starting to daydream about it feels like to lie on your stomach, be able to put your own shoes on and get off the sofa without help!

Aches and pains may really be irritating you now, so keeping your body strong and pain free is important so that the last few weeks aren't spent hobbling along. Pilates and Yoga during pregnancy are superb as a preventative and we recomend you start as soon as you are feeling well enough in the second trimester. 

You may also be starting to think about labour and every woman you meet may decide this is the time to down load their own personal labour stories on you, whether you asked them to or not.  Some of them maybe welcomed, but others may have you running to the hills or wondering what qualifies as being ‘to posh to push’! Positive birth education and labour preparation is crucial here and perhaps now more than ever, hearing inspiring and reassuring birth stories is what is needed.

We are huge fans of Hypnobirthing here - it's an overwhelmingly positive experience that helps mum and her birth partner to prepare both emotionally and physically. We advise you to find a course that fits your schedule early on and aim to be started around 28-30 weeks pregnant.

What you may be experiencing

Achiness in the lower abdomen or along the sides, constipation, heart burn, indigestion, flatulence, bloating, sensitive and bleeding gums when brushing, backache, fatigue, leg cramps, pelvic pressure and achiness, mils swelling of hands and feet, continued increase in vaginal discharge, pelvic girdle pain, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, itchy abdomen, difficulty sleeping, clumsiness, continued absent mindedness, strange and vivid dreams, increased boredom and weariness with pregnancy, apprehension about labour and motherhood.

Recommended treatments

Hypnobirthing, Cranio-sacral therapy, Reflexology, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Pregnancy Yoga / Pilates and Pregnancy Massage.
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