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IVF-ICSI Support

Our IVF preparation programme is an adapted version of our standard fertility programme. It covers the time three months before your IVF medication begins. It is suitable for both fresh and frozen rounds. We will look at the results of your previous IVF rounds and plan ahead accordingly. Both partners are expected to attend the initial consultation where possible.

The general focus is on preparing the woman to respond as well as possible to the IVF medications and ensuring she has a thick and healthy endometrial lining. We include lots of stress busting therapies and activities to make sure she starts her IVF as relaxed and positive as possible.

For fresh rounds of IVF involving male factor fertility problems we also provide support to make sure he produces the best sample possible on the day. The programme stops around the time the IVF medications begin, though most of our female clients choose to continue with acupuncture, homeopathy and reflexology throughout the IVF itself.
“We had 3 failed rounds of IVF behind us and felt that it was time to stop trying as we are ‘older’. P’s cousin came to us and confided that she had been to see Charlotte for help with conceiving her daughter. We had no idea! We were...”