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Pregnancy & Post Natal

Charlotte Evans heads up this section of the partnership.  Having experienced her own fertility journey to motherhood, Charlotte brings years of experience from clinical practice to being a doula and the invaluable personal experience of pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.  We are proud to say that the majority of our pregnancy and postnatal team also bring personal experience of pregnancy and motherhood.   Being cared for by someone who knows exactly what you are going through can be very comforting.

Once our couples have conceived, we often find that the women want to stay on with us for pregnancy and postnatal care. We would like to point out here that you do not have to have been a previous NNFP patient to come on board with us for support during your pregnancy and beyond. You would be very much welcome join us at any point during your pregnancy.


Congratulations! You have a BFP and you and your partner are filled with happiness and excitement.  The next few weeks will of course be an emotional time, and alongside the joy and elation - comes anxiety and worry.  This is very much normal and completely understandable, especially if you have taken a while to reach this point or had difficult experiences in the past.

As your pregnancy progresses, you may start to experience some of the symptoms that usually go hand in hand with growing a little one.  Morning sickness may rear its ugly head; you may experience aches and pains, sleeplessness, headaches, backaches, constipation and cramps and so on.  On an emotional level you may be encounter all sorts of things from something similar to PMT, to being exceptionally weepy and feeling vulnerable - needing lots of support.

During pregnancy many women unfortunately feel that they need to just live with these symptoms either because they are worried about the potential effects of conventional medicines on their unborn child or their GP/midwife has advised against them.

Well that all sounds depressing doesn’t it?  Don’t worry; we’ll soon have you floating down the street like a blossoming goddess! The good news is that here at NNFP we have many different options available to you to help make your pregnancy, not only supremely healthy but also an enjoyable one.  All these therapies are safe for use in pregnancy and provided by experienced practitioners who have a minimum of 5 years each working with pregnant women.

Whilst there is no official programme as every pregnancy is unique, some therapies may be more beneficial to you and your individual symptoms and experiences.  If you would like help deciding which therapy is best for you, Charlotte will be more than happy to guide you.  You just need to call the clinic, speak to reception and request a call back from Charlotte Evans.
“At the age of 35 we decided to start a family. Unfortunately I had two miscarriages and when I had some check-ups I found out that my FSH was 11.9 aged 39. I also tried IVF but it didn’t work either. I was reading a lot and I decided to try acu...”