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Hypnotherapy and NLP

Your conscious thoughts represent only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your mind, yet most therapies work only with your conscious mind. Like attempting to fix a car by talking to the owner, this is likely to yield limited results. Hypnotherapy and NLP allow you to gain access to your vast and wise unconscious mind, enabling you to change habits and limiting beliefs; overcome fears and phobias; manage chronic pain and improve your health and well-being.

A session of hypnotherapy and NLP will begin with a chat with your therapist where you will set/ evaluate your goals. You will then learn simple and effective mind/body tools and techniques to support you.
The session will end with a 20-30 minute session of hypnosis: you will sit in a comfortable, reclining chair and your therapist will guide you into a state of relaxation. A hypnotic state is simply one of concentration, like being absorbed in a good book or film. In this relaxed state, you will be more open to positive suggestion and change and you will be guided to reinforce the changes that you have decided to make.

Our Hypnotherapist and NLP Master practitioner is fully qualified, certified and insured to practice Hypnotherapy, NLP, Life Coaching and Time-Based Techniques. All training is accredited by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and NLP.
Kerry Dolan

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£85 Introductory session: 90/120 minutes
£60 Follow up: 60/80 minutes
£240 Four session package (includes introductory session)
£345 Six session IVF package (includes introductory session)
£100 Hypnobirthing session for couples: 2hrs


Hypnotherapy and NLP are commonly used to:
Overcome fears, phobias and challenging emotions
Prepare for pregnancy, birth and parenthood
Manage chronic pain
Prepare for and support through periods of change
Ease the symptoms of menopause and PMT
Change habits and limiting beliefs
Relieve stress and anxiety
Improve sleep

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