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Female Fertility

We have found that combining several therapies is the most effective way to manage our female fertility patients. We believe that there is rarely one simple factor that causes infertility. We firmly view female fertility as a reflection of your health as a whole, which is why we address the physical, mental and emotional aspects of every woman. You are a wonderful creation, but even the most perfectly designed machine needs little lubrication and maintenance to keep it running efficiently.  In your journey with us, you will discover what your body actually needs to function in way that is conducive to fertility, rather than blocking it. We work with you to isolate all the individual problems that are contributing to the bigger picture and discuss how best to change each one.

Our aim is to get you having healthy regular cycles, with optimal development of each ovulatory follicle and plenty of fertile mucus. We want to see a thick juicy endometrial lining developing each month with sufficient levels of progesterone being released.  We want you to actually ‘feel fertile’– and you will!

Let’s take an example. One of the most common conditions we see in the clinic is polycystic-ovarian syndrome (PCOS). It can present in several different ways, such as long irregular cycles with heavy periods or perhaps short cycles with scanty bleeds. Our approach would be multi-layered. Firstly we would have to address the hormonal imbalance and we would do so with herbal medicine and homeopathy. Secondly we would need to look at circulation to the pelvis as we know many women with PCOS have heightened sympathetic activity in the uterine arteries. For this we might use acupuncture and yoga. Thirdly we would have to look at food and drink that contributes to the different types of PCOS, insulin resistance and weight gain and so we would draw up a concrete diet plan for her to stick to. We would also have to address stress and help her understand her body – to read the signs that she is fertile. We would then teach her fertility awareness and coach her on stress reduction techniques. PCOS is one of our favourite conditions to work with simply because it responds so well to the above approach.

We work with women of all ages and for a variety of reasons – some come to us with a long list of fertility related problems and gynaecological complaints. Some are not eligible for IVF on the NHS due to one partner already having a child from a previous relationship.  Some have completed several rounds of IVF unsuccessfully and turn to us as a last option. Others instinctively feel that their bodies are capable of conceiving naturally and wish to avoid the medical route and of course many couples visit us simply frustrated that despite all tests coming back fine – no positive pregnancy test has occurred. Whatever your situation – please do give us a call to talk through your concerns, there is very little that can surprise us!

Conditions that we commonly and successfully work with include:

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
Irregular menstrual cycles
High FSH and low AMH (often in women over 40)
History of miscarriage (2 or more)
Short luteal phase and low progesterone
Loss / blockage of one fallopian tube
Unexplained infertility
“Thank you Charlotte for all you have done for us. Without you, your knowledge and your endless support and not forgetting those fantastic remedies - we don’t think we would be where we are now. You have done for us what many couldn’t - ma...”