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Pregnancy Massage

Come and relax in our peaceful hideaway in Norwich city centre - our clinic is bursting with tropical plants and scents to lift your spirits and the perfect place to enjoy a full body soothing and indulgant pregnancy massage. You might start off lying flat but as your bump grows you are massaged lying on your side. As your pregnancy progresses so does your massage - focusing on the latest areas that are aching and uncomfortable for you.

You can let Sarah or Gill know at the start of your session if you prefer a firm or gentle touch to get the most out of your session -  and whether to pay particular attention to your legs, your lower back or anywhere else that is suffering under the strain of growing an entire human being (or two!).

Massage is safe in pregnancy but if you have any pregnancy complications you are unsure about, please speak with your therapist before booking in.

Sarah Smith:
@ SOMA clinic Pottergate Norwich

Appointments on Saturdays

1 hr £50
90 mins £65

Tel: 07955 040410
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Gill McClune:
@ SOMA clinic Pottergate Norwich

Appointments on Friday daytimes and weekday evenings
1 hr £38
90 mins £45

Tel: 07932 070626


Pregnancy Massage is used to help with the following throughout pregnancy:

  • Tired aching legs
  • Headaches and shoulder tension
  • Aching lower back
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Insomnia
  • Swollen ankles

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