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Holistic and Deep Tissue Massage

Many of our male and female fertility patients end up booking themselves in for a massage - why?

Well it's relaxing, it helps with muscle tension and overall stress. It's fab and to be honest the NNFP team are all regular massage lovers ourselves. As busy worker bees ourselves we take our own medicine and make sure we unwind and relax as often as we can.

During a massage session your practitioner will leave the room to allow you to change down to your underwear and lie on the couch under a blanket. You will be covered by a towel or blanket except for the area being massaged. Expect to receive massage on your upper and lower back, your legs, your arms and your head. 

Holistic Massage:
Expect essential oils and deep relaxation - choose your pressure and be sure to let your therapist know if you prefer gentle or firm touch.

Deep Tissue Massage:
Expect firmer and deeper pressure, perfect for persistent problem areas and for focusing on one area of the body.
Sarah Smith:
@ SOMA clinic
Appointments available Saturdays

Holistic Massage 1 hr: £50
Holistic Massage 90 mins: £60

Book by
clicking here
Phone: 07955 040410

Gill McCune
@SOMA clinic
Appointments available Fridays

Holistic and Deep Tissue Massage 1 hr £40
Holistic and Deep Tissue Massage 90 mins £50
Postnatal Massage 1hr £40
Postnatal Massage 1hr £50

Phone: 07932 070626

Georgina Pitcher:
@ Exchange St. Clinic
Appointments available throughout the week and evenings

Deep Tissue Massage 1 hr charged at £65

Phone: 01603 665173


  • Massage good for stress and anxiety
  • Massage good for sleeping problems
  • Massage good for muscular tension

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