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Why is Pregnancy Massage different to normal massage? Well you are different! Your ligaments are looser and your skin is more sensitive. You might be suffering with morning sickness or pressure in your ribs for example than means you struggle to relax in any position for longer than 5 minutes! Pregnancy massage allows for all these new changes and aims to send you into a state of deep relaxation and bliss!

Pregnancy Massage is a delightful way to treat your changing body. The benefits of relaxation and stress reduction can help you deal with some of the harder aspects of your pregnancy. All sorts of unusual aches and pains and emotional imbalance can leave your body crying out for gentle soothing. Regular massage will enhance your well-being giving you something regular to look forward to. Your growing baby will respond well too as the feel good factor is passed on from you.

Sarah ensures your comfort is paramount throughout each trimester.  Massage soothes aching legs, back and shoulders and helps to balance your mind and emotions. You should find if sleep has become a problem that this improves after gentle therapeutic massage and it's a pretty nice way way of coping with tearfulness and mood swings.

Gentle breathing techniques at the beginning of your treatment are important throughout each stage of pregnancy to enhance your well being and aid relaxation. You may find you suffer from dizzy spells, breathlessness & or heartburn all of which benefit from correct supportive breathing techniques that Sarah includes in her treatments.

Once you become uncomfortable laying on your tummy (usually in the early part of the 2nd trimester) Sarah changes the way you lay for the treatment and you will be supported comfortably with towels and cosy pillows and a blanket if need be. By the 3rd trimester you may feel short of breath as baby pushes against your rib cage. Pregnancy Massage helps to relieve tension and helps you to expand your chest area and aid breathing.

As D-day draws nearer the excitement and perhaps anxiety grows - by now you're feeling huge and fed up! Pregnancy Massage from 36 weeks onwards is part of our 'Prepare for Childbirth' plan, alongside reflexology and acupuncture to get you mentally and physically geared up for the big day!

Pregnancy Massage is a wonderful gift for an expectant mum, especially popular to give at baby showers -  please email us on if you'd like a gift voucher.