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Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates

Pregnancy can be a magical time and practising yoga and pilates helps to make this experience positive and enjoyable. This class is time for you and your baby to connect and allows you to slow down from a busy week, releasing all stress. Many mums-to-be are new to yoga and pilates and that's fine. The class is designed specifically for pregnancy, there are no advanced postures and the class is suitable for even the most inflexible person! For second time mums this gives you some "me-time" and a chance to bond with your baby.

The Class
During the class the strengthening postures encourage stamina, the flowing sequences boost energy levels and the gentle stretches release tension. Flexibility and circulation improve, also any pregnancy aches or niggles can be eased. Pregnancy pilates is fantastic in managing or preventing commmon later pregnancy conditions such as SPD and if you suffered with SPD in a previous pregnancy then we strongly recommend you try pilates the next time round.

Learning to focus on your breath is a key tool to have during your labour. It helps you to tune into your body and baby at this time. When we focus on our breath, it naturally slows and deepens. This brings about a calming response in both mind and body. We regularly practice breathing techniques during the class so that you will be fully prepared to stay relaxed during your pregnancy, labour and birthing.

The class is a small and friendly group and is a great way to meet other local mums-to-be at the same stage of pregnancy as yourself.

Time and Place

Pregnancy pilates is on Tuesdays 6.00pm and lasts 60 minutes. It is held at The Complementary Health Care Clinic, 34 Exchange Street, Norwich, NR2 1AX. The price is £60 for a six week block.

Please book your place in the class by contacting clinic reception on 01603 665173 or with Hanna our teacher directly at

Next class start date: April 25th 

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