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Pay As You Go Fees

All our therapists are available for one to one appointments outside of the NNFP prepaid programmes. Many of our clients choose to continue with us throughout their journey from fertility to family – as you simply can pick and choose which therapies you need at the time.

Acupuncture with Kate McDougall

£55 initial consultation
£50 follow up appointment

Book online via
Book via email
Book via phone 07535 957577


Fertility and Pregnancy support with Charlotte Evans

£85 all appointments (1 hr)

Book via
Book via phone 07535 957529

Craniosacral therapy with Andrew Cook

£50 adults
Craniosacral for babies  
£45 children and babies
£35 follow up

Book via Exchange Street clinic reception 01603 665173

Herbal medicine with Molly:

Initial consultation £55
Follow up £35
Herbal medicine charged additionally at around £8-10 per week

Contact Molly:

Mctimoney Chiropractice with Georgina Pitcher:

Initial consultation £75 
Follow up £50
Deep tissue / remedial massage (suitable in pregnancy and post partum) with Georgina
£55 all appointments

Book via Exchange Street clinic reception 01603 665173

Reflexology / Holistic massage / Indian head massage with Sarah Groves
£48 Initial appointment (75 mins)
£42 Follow up (1 hour)
£60 Follow up (1.5 hours)

Book by calling Sarah on 07789 077955

Fertility Ultrasound, IVF ultrasound and baby scans with Pam Kapur:

Prices vary usually between £100-150 per scan

Book by calling Pam on 07503 152530

Hypnotherapy, Fertility and Menopause Support with Kerry Dolan:

£75 Initial consultation 1.5 hrs
£50 Follow up 1hr
Hypnobirthing session for couples:  £100 2hrs

Book by contacting Kerry directly on 07748 660703


Acupuncture with Emily Brightwood:

£60 initial consultation 1.5 hrs
£45 follow up 1hr

Book by contacting Emily directly on 07903 159010

Pelvic and Maternal Physiotherapy with Clair Jones:

£65 initial consultation and examination 1hr
£45 follow up appointments 35 mins

Book by contacting Clair directly:


“At the age of 35 we decided to start a family. Unfortunately I had two miscarriages and when I had some check-ups I found out that my FSH was 11.9 aged 39. I also tried IVF but it didn’t work either. I was reading a lot and I decided to try acu...”