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Fertility Programme Fees

*We are currently unable to take on new patients for our full fertility programme but can still take new patients on a 'pay as you go' programme* Jan 2018

Natural Fertility and Pre-IVF/ICSI programmes: Please note our price increase from December 2015

1. Pre-conception / Pre-IVF block: £750 / 3 cycles (suitable for women with history of recurrent miscarriage and those wanting to prepare for IVF)

2. Standard care block: £750 / 3 cycles (couples with unexplained infertility or only one partner has been diagnosed with fertility problems).

3. Extra care block: £900 / 3 cycles (both partners have a problem with fertility).

You are asked to pay at the start of each block. Regardless of whether either partner has a diagnosed fertility problem we encourage both partners to share the cost of the fees between them where possible. Our programme is a joint venture and you will both get something wonderful from it. We have found that couples who successfully conceive with us - do so within 12 months, with an average of 5-6 months.

The total fee covers the cost of your individual appointments, any herbal medicine, homeopathic remedies you may receive plus time spent within case meetings by all practitioners. You may occasionally be asked to buy a particular supplement at your own cost at an external shop or pharmacy. 

For couples who prefer to pay for each appointment as it is attended - you can discuss the 'pay as you go' option at your initial consultation. We may recommend a 'pay as you go' option for couples when we think it likely that their total costs are likely to come in under £750.

In cases of chronic fertility problems with both partners the standard fee might not always cover a full fertility programme for you both. This situation usually arises when the couple assume they need not test for male factor fertility issues. This can be because he has already fathered children or because the woman has already been given a medical diagnosis that affects her chances her fertility. In our experience it is always worth getting an up to date semen analysis to bring to your initial consultation, so that we can create an appropriate treatment plan for you both that stays within the standard price of £650. We will discuss with you which block is the most appropriate for you at your initial consultation.

We have endeavoured to keep our costs as low as possible which is why we currently charge less than half that of similar clinics in London. All of our therapists are contactable in-between appointments should you need to query something with us. Our top priority is helping you conceive a healthy baby and you can discuss alternative payment plans with us at the first meeting if you will struggle to pay in advance.

“After trying for a baby for over 3 years we were about to start down the route of IVF when a friend of ours suggested we tried something else first. She had been to see Charlotte about other issues and knew she specialised in fertility and suggested ...”